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The KFO Nuremberg Team Friendly & Ready to Help

We speak German, English, Greek, Russian and Turkish:

Das komplette Team der KFO Nürnberg

The Dentist Team Specialists Who Care About You

Having a good relationship with our patients is important to us. We take our time for you and we’re here when you need us. Continuous training and seminars guarantee that our know-how is always reflects the newest developments in orthodontics. We are certified specialists in orthodontics.

Dr. Antje Erler

Dr. Antje Erler Orthodontist

2002 - at University of Jena

BDK - (Bund der Deutschen Kieferorthopäden)
DGKFO - (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kieferorthopädie)


Georgios Giotakis

Georgios Giotakis Orthodontist

Doctor of Dental Medicine
1999 - at University of Ulm

BDK - (Bund der Deutschen Kieferorthopäden)
DGKFO - (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kieferorthopädie)
WFO - (World Federation of Orthodontists)


Dr. Greger

Dr. Kersting Greger Dentist

Dentist specialized in orthodontics
2008 - Exams at Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen

DGÄZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ästhetische Zahnmedizin e.V.)

Reception and Management Interdisciplinary Tasks

Management, billing, administration, reception and assistance.

Mona Nahlen

Mona Nahlen Management, Office Administration/Accounting

Ms. Nahlen has been part of our team since 2011 and completed her training in our practice. She is our practice manager and also puts her valuable experience to the reception, administration and billing.

For many questions, she is the correct contact person.

Administration and Assistance

In addition to the medical assistance, we also have many administrative tasks in our office.

Rebecca Kirchner

Rebecca Kirchner Dental Assistant

Ms Kirchner completed a comprehensive education to become a certified dental assistant and has already completed more than 5 years of professional experience.

Since July 2016, she supported our team in treatment assistance and now also in the administration.

Jana Zhdanovskaia

Jana Zhdanovskaia Dental Assistant

Ms. Zhdanovskaia joined our team in 2015 and has successfully completed her training in our practice.

Now she works predominantly in the treatment assistant and also in the administration.

Dental Assistant Full of drive and friendliness

Providing assistance to patients in dentistry and orthodontics requires special strengths, skills, and knowledge. A family-like and positive team environment is important to us. Excellent educational backgrounds and continuous training are also important to our team members.

Luise Burczyk

Luise Burczyk Dental Assistant

Ms. Burczyk posesses 26 years of valuable experience in orthodontics.

She has been a member of our team since our founding and contributes her breadth of experience mostly in assistance and accounting.

Irmgard Rösl

Irmgard Rösl Dental Assistant

Ms. Rösl is a certified dental assistant with 27 years of experience in orthodontics . She has contributed her expertise to our practice since March 2014, primarily in assistance.

She also leads the apprentices in our practice.

Elena Gulack

Elena Gulack Dental Assistant

Ms. Gulak completed a comprehensive apprenticeship as Certified Dental Assistant. She has more than 11 years of career experience and joined our team in 2006.

She is primarily active in assisting with treatments.

Hatice Bostantepe

Hatice Bostantepe Dental Assistant

Ms. Bostantepe has been part of our team since 2014 and successfully completed her training in our practice. Now she is predominantly active in treatment assistance and is responsible for procurement.

Kalliroi Xesfingi

Kalliroi Xesfingi Dental Assistant

Ms. Xesfingi has been part of our team since 2013 and successfully completed her training in our practice.

Now she is predominantly active in treatment assistance.

Natascha Schneider

Natascha Schneider Dental Assistant

Ms. Schneider has completed a well-founded training as a dental assistant. She has more than 10 years of professional experience and joined us in 2017.

She works predominantly in the treatment assistance.

Our In-house Lab No room for mistakes

Our team members in the in-house practice laboratory also have a special responsibility. Conscientious and diligent work is as important as skill and know-how.

Das komplette Team der KFO Nürnberg

Delia Speinle

Delia Speinle Lab Technician

Since May 2010, Mrs. Speinle has been a dental technician in the team, creating the orthodontic appliances in the our in-house laboratory.

Csilla Lambert

Csilla Lambert Lab Technician

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to Ms. Lambert who joined our team as dental technician. Her field of focus is the creation of all types of orthodontic appliances in our in-house practice laboratory

Our Apprentices We look forward to new team members

Our apprentices are still in training, but already an important part of the team in various topics and subjects. Working in the field of orthodontics is fulfilling and fun. Our team is growing constantly, and we were always happy about welcoming new coworkers.

You think we have a great team and you would like to join us? We would be happy to receive your unsolicited application. On our information page for applicants, we put together everything you need to know to apply.

Katerina Idrizoglou

Katerina Idrizoglou Apprentice/Assistant

Katerina was welcomed to our team in 2015 and is completing her apprenticeship as a certified dental assistant in our practice.

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