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Orthodontics for Adults Insurance, Treatment Plans, Retainers

No matter now what your age is, orthodontic treatments are an important part of good dental hygiene and care. In addition to having misaligned teeth and jaw pain, problems with your teeth can lead to poor posture and can damage your back and spine. Our whole life long, our teeth, mouth and jaw have a lot of work to do. Our facial muscles strain our jaw every day with several hundred kilograms of force. Some patients decide to correct misalignments for aesthetic reasons too. As specialists in orthodontics, we will inform you about the variety of options available in modern dentistry and advanced orthodontics.

The costs covered by health insurance
For patients that are 18 and under, the cost of treatment is fully covered by public and private health insurance plans. In most cases, holders of public health insurance in Germany (Krankenkasse) usually have to pay 10% - 20% on their own, which is then fully reimbursed by the insurance company once the treatment is over and was successful.

We offer different payment methods and financing for adult patients receiving orthodontic treatments. In cases where a combination of orthodontics and oral surgery is necessary after an accident, public health insurance companies cover the treatment costs.

If you have private dental insurance or full private health insurance including dental coverage, please check with your insurance company to find out whether costs will be covered. Simply request a treatment plan from us to submit to your insurance company.

Creating a treatment plan
Impressions of your teeth will be made to create a plaster model. In addition, photos of your face will be taken. These images serve to analyze possible misalignments of your jaw. WIth our gentle x-ray technology, we can create panorama images and teleradiographical imaging of your jaw. The information documented in this step will be included in the treatment plan.

A good option for correcting dental misalignments is the retainer. In addition to a retainer each patient receives a removable aid for stabilization if required (transverse).

Nach Invisalign - Behandlung
Vor Invisalign - Behandlung

The Perfect Alternative to Visible Braces
KFO Nuremberg is one of the leading providers of Invisalign|Adults and Invisalign|Teen. Invisalign is an excellent way of correcting misaligned teeth gently and almost invisibly. We would be glad to meet with your for a personal consultation to show you the options you have with Invisalign. For more information about Invisalign go to invisalign-info.de

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